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November 8th, 2009

About Lars Føleide

Stop Violence is a case in how anyone, at any place and time, can be exposed to unprovoked and extreme violence that within seconds can turn your life around. This is a real threat and a growing problems in today's society. I wish to share my experiences, and that this site will function as a resource for people that find themselves in a similar situation.

I just turned 30, doing my second master at NHH Norwegian school of Economics and Business administration after first having done a master in Innovation and Entrepreneurship at University of Oslo with an almost A average (4.83 / 5.00). I will start on my Ph.D. in Innovation and Entrepreneurship at BI School of Management in January 2010.
Most students at NHH are below 25 years, so I have considerably more life-experience that my fellow students - and having learned from past experience, you would perceive me as more balanced and rational. I'm used to adapting to new locations and situations, and after having been a student for 10 years I've come to understood the great importance of using the initial weeks to get to know new people. So I participate in all events, and live by the rule that if you smile to the world - the world will smile back.
But one night, would a chain of events result in me being exposed to severe facial damage and a ever-lasting cosmetic scar. I've managed to stay out of trouble for 30 years, having quickly realized in my life that violence solve nothing and always being the solution oriented person that search for agreements that works for everyone.

While the cover-up story doesn't make a lot of sense in itself, which basically is trying to describe an aggressive, unstable, unpredictable, unbalanced and destructive person that would go totally nuts after a simple request to leave a afterparty close to 6 am.
In this creative story, we find descriptions of more than one bar stool being thrown around in this little room - and even the piano stool was thrown. These stools were thrown so hard that there were left marks on the wall, like that supposedly were my intention of throwing the stools.
Nevertheless, the story also describe totally unprovoked chocking attempts at Glenn Kvisler - as he returns from the bathroom. Like it makes a lot of sense attacking an outsider, when I'm supposedly in a fight with 4 other people - having just been bit in the eye.
The defendant accused me in his testimony to first have hit him. But he was not able to remember which cheek that I supposedly hit when asked by the judges. Still, he was able to remember that it was so hard that it had swollen the day after!
Henrik is fully protected by law when telling lies in the courtroom, so he will of course make up a story to claim that the severe damage he inflicted on me was in a reaction of self-defense. Which clearly is an unfounded claim given the many people that tried to get a raven lunatic out of the room, so that he could just step back - since his life was never in danger due to the sheer amount of people involved.

Every element of this made up story is just there to justify the cruel act of violence. The act of violence was so unprovoked, cruel and severe, so that admitting to it will totally alienate yourself in a society where such conducts are totally unaccepted.
Since I am curious by nature, I've always had the feeling that life has a purpose. I remember being 5 years old, and not being able to accept conventional wisdom that we were created from nothing, that we were just flesh and blood, and the perception of ourselves would seize to exist as our body dies of old age. Nor did it make much sense to me, that we came from nothing - only to live happily ever after in heaven/paradise.
I have a scientific mindset, and I'm not a stranger to scientifically uncover the truth step-by-step. So I felt I was on to something when I in my early teenager-years learned about hypnosis and something called past-life-regressions. My scientific mindset loved the idea of being able to replicate these socalled past-life-regressions and actually collect that kind of information first-hand. This was the start of a most intriguing and engaging journey that eventually would lead me to a great understanding who I am, where I came from, why I am here, what is my purpose here both for myself and the society around me, and where I will go after my time on earth is over.

The most important lesson I learned when studying the interesting literature out there on reincarnation, is what define true value. To understand the true values in life, you need to broaden your perspective and look beyond this single life you currently have here on earth. Imagine accepting that the identity you have of yourself was maybe there long before your birth, and that the perception you have of yourself will continue to exist after your body eventually seize to function. Then you also accept that any material value in this life is of limited value, and that the only true value is in the relationships that you form with other people.

This is my number one rule in life. Don't do to other what you don't want other doing to yourself. And also; Do to others what you want others doing to you.
I don't expect others to give before they first receive, so I strive to be the example of how I ideally would others to behave towards me. My friends know me as a helping person, that enjoy and take pleasure in being able to reach out a help hand. I like to see society as a whole, and thus enjoy the synergies that I create by helping others. Together we reach a solution faster and easier by utilizing each others resources.

In my life-philosophy do I have one major concern - and that I how I treat people around me, and that makes me extra careful about being honest and supportive. It goes without saying that I have a zero-tolerance to psychically harming another person, when one of my major concern in life is not to cause psychological distress in people around me. So it might sound ridiculous enough that a person 5-10 years older than others present at this afterparty would behave like a raven lunatic, my philosophy in life makes it just even more absurd. My close friends know this perfectly well, and those spending a few minutes critically reviewing the information presented will also understands this.

I hope this site have made it possible for you to make a more informed decision on what actually happened at NHH, September 7th, 2008. I can be contacted by sending a message through facebook.

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