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    1.1. Why is there an ongoing trial?

    I were brutally and violently assulted during the late hours of a party at NHH September 7th 2008. The exersice of violence was unprovoked, and executed by five fellow students inside the building of NHH. This blind use of group violence is not permitted by the state of Norway, so the police took out charges against the person admitting to have caused severe facial damange resulting in 5 stitches close to my right eye. This person was sentenced to paying medical fees of 5465 NOK, but were not found guilty of the conduct with the support of two out of three judges. Police did not agree on this ruling, and decided to appeal to the next instance. So now, more than one year after the extreme use of violence taking place at NHH - the ongoing case is to be tried again, this time with 7 judges; 4 civil and 3 with law education.


    Was it a bit or a kick?

    The cut was caused by a kick in my face as I was lying on the floor. The defendant and his involved friends, made up a story to create uncertainty about what actually happened, to make themselves look better and reduce probability of Henrik being sentenced to 3 years in jail. See also the Kick vs Bite Album!

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